Hello world!

by - 11:09 AM

Hi all. Welcome to my first official blog. I've fought it until now but have decided blogging is going to be a great way to track my life in 2010.

It's a new year, which means time for the new year resolutions. Which I never keep. Last year I vowed to keep a diary - that lasted 3 entries. I vowed to eat more organically - that lasted one week. I even vowed to quit tanning - until I realized it's not easy to stop a 5-year addiction. And there's no such thing as a tanning patch or tanning gum. Ah well.

My resolutions this year:

  • Spend more time with friends. (We're aligning calendars as I type)

  • Travel more. (Trips to AZ, Paris & New Orleans are already on the books)

  • Read more. (Powell's, I'm coming for you!)

  • Be nicer. (Not less feisty, just generally nicer to people)

  • Save more money. (Eeek)

What are your resolutions?



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