Portland Timbers

by - 3:28 PM

Last Sunday I attended my first Portland Timbers game. It was a reserve game, which meant less people and no Timber Army - but it was such a blast. You could sit anywhere you wanted and beer was only $2. TWO DOLLARS! OK, so I think it was Bud Light, but it was awfully good to sit in the sun and have a couple drinks. And I'm not even a beer drinker.

This was clearly a big weekend for me.

Someone asked me at work who we played - and I couldn't remember - but now I now. We played Chivas USA. Please pardon my amateur ways. I'll get the hang of this soccer thing eventually. At least I can talk football/basketball/baseball with the best of 'em.

Not that it matters but, by the looks of the photos, I obviously didn't give a hoot about what I looked like this day. Thank goodness for Instagram filters. There is also a fun 15 second video where I thought I was having a picture taken but it's really an awkward video recording. I'll spare you.

Jenni from A Well-Crafted Party was also there and we tweeted back and forth. Can't wait to meet her at the Portland Blogger Meetup later this month!

Have you been to a Timbers game - reserve or otherwise? How did you like it?


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