working it out

by - 9:06 AM

Oh, exercise. I have never been one for working out in a gym. Stationary exercise easily bores me. People staring at me as I stumble with complicated equipment is intimidating. And some big shot always comes over to show me how I could better do whatever it is I am doing. OK, so that only happened once. But I didn’t need some gym rat critiquing the way I ran on the treadmill. Don’t you see I have headphones on, dude? Leave me alone!
No, dancing was always it for me. In the past, the dance studio was my haven and choice for exercise. The funny thing though is that I never considered dancing “exercise.”  That’s the ticket for keeping up with it. Find something you love.
Since moving last year, I have been taking my work out into the great outdoors. I am blessed to live in a neighborhood with miles of hiking trails. You almost forget you’re in the burbs. I also use the wii fit – which is awesome – even though it yells at you. Seriously! It is a nice alternative when the weather isn’t as nice and you want a quick 30 minute routine to target different areas. Which reminds me, I haven’t used it in a while. I can only imagine the lecture I have in store. I’m sure it will call me a fatty or something else just as flattering.
Here is a glimpse of one of my routes:

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