a girl, a car and lots of food

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On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending an intimate dinner party hosted by Chevrolet at local Japanese restaurant Yakuza Lounge. General Motors invited local bloggers in efforts to introduce us to the new Chevy Spark line and their involvement at The Color Run. The Spark is the official car of the run and it was way cool. It comes in colors named after food: Jalapeno, Lemonade and Salsa, to name a few. Fitting, eh?
Upon arrival, we were greeted with a selection of unique cocktails to sip on while we mingled. I chose the beet margarita. You have to like beets in order to enjoy this specialty but it was surprisingly really good!

The designer of the official The Color Run car was on hand to discuss the creative juices behind the car and it was fascinating to talk with her. She has a degree in mechanical engineering and then went back to art school to obtain her degree in transportation design. How cool is that? I didn’t even know that was a thing. Talk about a niche job.
Here we are with The Color Run car. And no that's not my hand on her, er, waist. I know what you're thinking. Silly reader.

We were quickly ushered to the back patio for dinner - which was ADORABLE. The menu listed four courses and 14 different menu options. Silly me thought we would pick one item for each course. Oh no. It was served family style so we got to try all 14 items. ALL of them, y'all.
I was in foodie heaven. The food was incredible. By the dessert course I thought I might tip over from simultaneous satisfaction and fullness. But I wasn’t about to let a dish go by me untouched. No way. Don't believe me? Here's a sampling.

There were probably 30 of us in attendance and Chevy’s staff was great. They were friendly, didn’t try to sell us anything, and just let us enjoy the evening and experience. As someone who works in PR, I can now attest that this laid-back approach WORKS. It was brilliant.
Thank you Chevy for an experience I won’t forget. And as far as Yakuza goes? Get there fast. You won't regret it.

P.S. I never made it to Salt & Straw. Can you blame a girl?


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