college football

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Oh my. Where did summer go? College football season kicked off a couple of weeks ago so, for me, this marks the beginning of fall. Though I will say that sitting in Autzen when it's actually nice out is a real luxury. Soon enough I'll be shivering in my seat with a hoodie and winter jacket layered ontop.

I have season tickets to the duck football games this year - a first for me, and only because of some awesome and thoughtful family friends who moved out of town and let us buy them out. However...who the heck is in charge of scheduling these games? There are FOUR homegames in a row in September. Not really complaining but that's just kind of silly. At least none are at the same time as the Beaver football games. That happened a couple of  years ago and traffic was a nightmare. Just thinking back makes my hair rise.

Here are some photos and a little video from the past two games. Sadly, I haven't bothered to take a single picture of myself. You'll have to trust me that I was there.

I love being back in Eugene but it makes me miss my college days a little too much.

Oh. And the ducks are currently ranked number 4, thankyouverymuch.

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