i'm no longer 22

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Generally speaking, I eat pretty healthy. I always eat fresh fruit during the day, and keep a stash of almonds at my desk for snacking. I stay far away from the doughnuts that circulate at work every Thursday and the candy dish placed just steps from my cube at reception. I can’t even remember the last time I pressed “diet coke” on the soda machine. I also drink lots of water. Once you stop eating that much processed sugar you don’t actually miss it.

*cough* Uh, yea you do.

I love junk food. Ice cream is my favorite food EVER. That’s a problem, see, because then I always have it in my freezer. Because I’m like a kid at the grocery store and can’t avoid that aisle. It’s just not possible. So then I eat the whole container in a matter of a week and the cycle starts over again the next time I go shopping. And then I feel gross and flabby and, even though I’m not, I just don’t feel great. So I curse myself and drown my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream. See what an issue this is?

This post is basically a long way of saying that I am trying to get back into healthy mode and better my body. So now I keep a picture like this on my freezer to remind me that I want to look better and feel better and opening that freezer for the ice cream every night isn’t going to get me there. Want more inspiration? Self Magazine has a bunch of *omg* pictures on their Pinterest page.

Back in my dancing days I used to be in wicked shape and it’s now just hitting me that I’m no longer a 22-year-old collegiate dancer. I guess not dancing anymore will do that to you. Yes, exercise is a part of my routine, and that’s something that comes a bit easier for me. Though I usually take my workout routine outdoors....which might prove more challenging in the coming months….I'm not a gym person.

Do you have any tips for staying on track with a healthy diet and exercise routine? I'd love to hear it because the ice cream is calling my name....

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