Sedona, AZ

by - 10:28 AM

Earlier this month I took a mini-vacation to Phoenix, Arizona which was tons of fun. I now maybe wish I had planned it for a little later as I could already use a break from the doom and gloom that Portland is experiencing weather-wise. Can you believe the rain we've been getting? I mean I know it's Oregon but STILL. Kind of ridiculous.

Anyways, we ended up spending a couple days in Sedona, Arizona which is a couple hours north of Phoenix and so much more scenic. It's definitely one of my new favorite places to visit. I am a sucker for the beautiful red rocks, the cute shops and yummy restaurants. I'm such a tourist.

Have you been? If you ever find yourself in Arizona, you should definitely make a point to go.

We also took a day trip to neighboring town Cottonwood, which was total small town America, as you'll see from the photos. Even though we happened to go on the same day the town was hosting a biker rally, I loved it. Made it that much more charming. And noisy. But there were tons of antique stores for browsing, which is something I love, so it was a perfect activity. I can't wait to go back!

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