mexico 2014

by - 6:40 AM

Earlier this year - February! - the boy and I embarked on a romantic cruise to Mexico via Princess Cruises. I had been on a cruise before, to the Bahamas, but it was only 3 days and it was with a big group.

This trip proved to be much different.

We had such a great time. The weather was absolute perfection, hovering around 80 each day. We went at at off time so the ship wasn't full. The food was divine - and it was all you can eat, all the time. I think this is the reason most of the world hates Americans. The dinners in the dining hall treated us to fine dining every night, steak, pasta, veal, oh my!

The stops along the way were equally as fun. The food in Mexico is so delicious, we definitely indulged. Not to mention the yummy margaritas. Are you sensing a trend here?

The only stop I wasn't a huge fan of was Ensenada. It was a very poor city, but did give us perspective around how a lot of the world lives. But even still, divine authentic food and CHEAP. We had full lunches, beers and tequila shots for less than $17.

Another lesson learned? You can still count on finding a Starbucks in the poorest of cities. Catered for us tourists, mostly.

I highly recommend doing a cruise if you are ready to do a bit of forced relaxation. Turns out being stuck on a ship with no cell service was my kind of vacation. No checking email. No checking Facebook 15 times a day. And drink service at your beckon? Ahhh.

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