Decorating for the Cube Dweller - Part 2

by - 4:06 PM

DO give yourself some visual breaks.

If you’re like the majority of cube dwellers, you probably spend more time in your cube than in your own bedroom. So it makes sense to put up some visuals that reflect your personality. Put up some (tasteful) photos of family and friends, some small posters, etc. I’m not really one to like the cheesy motivational posters but whatever floats your boat. Having something to look at, other than your computer screen, will help keep you sane. If you’re feeling extra creative, head over to and pick out an artificial window like the one below. Too fun!  


DON’T display inappropriate pictures.

Please leave the spring break photos at home. No one should see a photo of you in a bikini with a beer bong in your hand. This rule also applies to calendars. Keep the Playboy calendar at home and stick to showing off the other kind of kittens.

DON’T be a mess.

Keep your space nice and tidy. You never know who’s going to come around for a visit. You wouldn’t want a senior executive stopping by and seeing your cans of sodas, used tissues and Tupperware containers stacked up, would you? Desk accessories are a great way of staying organized and offer a way to spruce up your cube. Accessories can be found on the cheap at Target or Ross.



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