Decorating for the Cube Dweller – Part 1

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Decorating for the Cube Dweller – Part 1

Interior design is something I love to take on. But cubicle design? Where do you start?

 If you looked around my corner of the office, you’d notice that my co-workers are a bit extreme when it comes to this. I’m not going to expose anyone’s personal space on here but you can get an idea of our colorfulness from how one of our walls is decked out. One of many reasons I love my teammates. See?


 But my desk is just a little blah. See?


Here's a better view...

 I have a few odds and ends, but otherwise it’s not very inspiring. And I work for a creative agency, dangit! Edward and Mona up there agree.

What should I do with my space? My second post in this mini-series will continue soon, discussing the do's and don't of cube decorating.

DON'T: Put up photos of yourself wearing a string bikini.



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