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This week, a good friend of mine and former colleague decided to embark on a new journey. We met as interns who, unsurprisingly, were given the copy room as our office. There were three of us crammed together. And the copier was loud and used often. But it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had working.

We talked A LOT, about who knows what, and we kept a running list of “Life Lessons” that resurfaced the other day. These are too good not to share, though I have a hunch I’ll be one of few who are amused.


#1: Never say “I love you” to a bad gift giver.
#2: Never date a guy who doesn’t own his own car.
#3: A limo not fully stocked is a limo not worth riding in.
#4: Always make sure you and your computer are speaking the same language.
#5: Be careful to select an office chair that will not make you saddle-sore!
#6: If you know your boss is at the bar, you probably shouldn’t dance on it.
#7: If you live in Africa, you just can’t be albino.
#8: Always double check the shoes in the next stall before you talk to them.
#9: When someone tries to break up with you, saying “no” is always an option.
#10: Skewing your quiz answers for selfishly desirable results is acceptable at all times.
#11: Feel free to use the handicapped bathroom stall if it is open…it’s not like it’s a parking spot! #12: Just because the food is free doesn’t mean you have to eat it.
#13: It is essential to always maintain the illusion of “spiffy”.
#14: When drinking Sangria, avoid white furniture at ALL costs.

5800 sangria
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