olive Thanksgiving

by - 2:18 PM

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you consume copious amounts of calories? My Thanksgiving involved the usual trek up to Reardon mountain (my aunt/uncle's house), though this year was a bit more snowy than normal. I tried to capture some moments with my iPhone but did a horrendous job. We'll call the blurs and bad lighting "special effects." K? Thanks.

Every road trip starts with a cup of Portland's best coffee from Anna Bannana's. Starbucks, who? 

 We literally had to be hauled up from the bottom of the hill because of ice.

Pretty snow! 

Caleb, fishing on the Wii.

Olive them. What's Thanksgiving without olive hands?

Uncle Mike carving the turkey. See how neat the special effects are? We'll forgive his shirt.

Can I have some pie with my whipped cream?

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