daisy, duke and the ham

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Can you believe Christmas has already come and gone? Every year it seems to fly by faster than the year before. I usually get so stressed out about finding the perfect gifts while keeping my bank account afloat that I sometimes forget to stop and remember what Christmas is actually about: the birth of Jesus.

I spent Christmas Eve with my family in Washington. My grandpa greeted me wearing an Auburn shirt and laughed and laughed. I cried. 

After dinner, we opened presents. I do need to say that my 5-year-old cousin Caleb was awfully polite that night, offering to clear everyone’s plates like that. It couldn’t be because he was trying to get to his presents faster, could it? Nah.

After present opening, we learned that the neighbor’s two beagles had run away. For the record, my family lives over the river and through the woods. With coyotes running rampant, odds were that the little dogs weren’t going to make it. And I won’t go into details but these neighbors have had a pretty horrid 2010 and the thought of their dogs cold and lost quickly sent us all into a slump.

Around 11 o’clock we headed home, down the winding country roads. And then we saw this.

{Actually, this is a reenactment. They were much bigger than this and running the opposite direction. Hence, our issue.}

A Christmas miracle! I hopped out of the car, yelling their names. DAISY! DUKE! DAISY! DUKE! They stopped. Turned around. Looked at each other and kept cruising along. Then a light bulb went off.


Like any sensible being, no one turns down free ham. Fortunately, we managed to schlep them into the car. They were flying. Mud was flying. Leftover coffee was flying. My white pea coat barely made it out alive. But we got them home safely and to happy owners, just in time for Christmas. I would sacrifice my coat any day for that.

God is GOOD.

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