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One of the most exciting projects I've been involved with to date was the launch of Button, a Portland lifestyle magazine that launched in March 2009, dreamed up by the brilliant Brittany McGrath. Acting as Managing Editor, and then Editor in Chief, I wore many hats. I worked with incredible talent, connected with the Portland community on a different level and found myself in front of people I never deemed possible. Simply put, it was EXCITING.

Then the economy went haywire. And magazines, like this one, struggled to hit the press, ultimately leading to demise.

Button stills seems to live on though, as I'm asked about it randomly every so often. Maybe it's time for a Button comeback?


button is urban with a twist of idiosyncratic  
independence. button is a lucky hand, a bargain buy,
an innovative idea, and a flirty smile. button is a
scene kid, a portland hipster, and an urban dweller.
button is indie rock, frothy beer, and red lipstick. 

{Debut Issue}

A city is giving birth to the nation’s trends,
Portland is swarming with an increased
number of hipsters, independent youths,
musicians, designers and artists. Portland’s
new magazine, Button, targets this
unmatched and sanguine crowd. Button
magazine is a perfect snapshot of the huge
flux occurring in Portland. 

Button magazine will inform, answer to,
and entertain the unique, twenty-something
Portland hipster demographic. Button
promises to provide exclusive articles on
music, fashion, and sex/relationships,
accurate facts, a well balanced tone, and
original photography from various local
contributors and sources.

{Me and Brittany, Founder, at the Button launch}

{We had more than 1,000 people come through that door for the launch!} 

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