happy 2011!

by - 9:02 PM

Hello and welcome to the new year! Last year was one hell of a ride, with amazing highs. The things I got to see and do were priceless. The people that came into my life were each a blessing. I hit rock bottom more than once but I think that's how God keeps you in check. You can't know happiness if you don't feel sadness, right?

This year, I'm making new resolutions. Ultimately, it's my desire to walk into this year with a clean heart, mind and spirit. I want to forgive those that have caused me pain and move forward, learning to trust again. It also means that I need to become a better friend, daughter and woman.

Other resolutions:

  1. Better manage my finances by opening my 401k, paying down my debts and stashing more away for a rainy day.
  2. See a genetics counselor so I can assess my risk for cancer. It runs in my family and I need to be armed with this information. This has been an emotional journey and I'm excited, and extremely anxious, to take these steps.
  3. Learn to fly fish. It's true. It's happening.
  4. Travel as much as I can.
I also have plenty of professional goals but I'll keep those separate for now.

Cheers to a great 2011!

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