Vegas Rewind

by - 2:50 PM

I just got back from a heavenly 4 days in Vegas where it was sunny and near 70 each day. Vegas is definitely its own little reality - wowzer.

Some things I learned about Vegas:

  1. You are allowed to walk around with a drink in hand everywhere.
  2. In fact, you can buy liquor at the local drug store. 
  3. Walking around in a superman costume is totally normal.
  4. Instead of stopping for a soda, you stop for a jello shot.
  5. Lines at nightclubs are chaotic. 
  6. Nightclubs are chaotic.
  7. It's OK to eat steak at 3 am.
New York New York

Ghostbar @ Palms

 I had to get a pic with Elvis. MJ was a sweet bonus.

Getting ready with one of my bests, Jen.


The Strip

Hey thanks!

I won $13!

Last night on Fremont

We searched high and low for this special drink. Well worth it.

Next time, I plan on going when it's even warmer and I'll definitely plan to take in a show or two. Have you been?

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