I'm no Martha

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Tis the season for shopping, entertaining and eating. Not necessarily in that order. It’s my favorite time of year!

I don’t know about you but I am not Martha Stewart Jr. when it comes to gift wrapping. I usually go further than just throwing something in a gift bag with a wad of tissue (unless it’s odd shaped or I ran out of time or I am just lazy) but my skills are still lacking. Cutting wrapping paper always results in frayed edges and I can’t seem to cut a straight line for the life of me. By the end, I usually just wrap a big ribbon around the thing and call it good. Note that I use RIBBON and not the poufy bows that come in the bags. See? I'm on my way! Martha, watch out.

The person is just going to rip it open anyways, right? And please don’t be the person that carefully unwraps the gift in effort to save the paper. You know you won’t reuse it. 

Anyhow, if you’re interested in honing your gift wrapping skills, West Elm is offering a FREE lesson this Thursday at its NW Portland location. They also have two more FREE classes this month as part of its “Holiday Thursdays” so if you’re in the area it would be fun to check out.

Thursday, 12/6, 6-8pm: Gift Wrapping
Thursday, 12/13, 6-8pm: Holiday Entertaining
Thursday, 12/20, 6-8pm: Last Minute Gifts

You can visit the West Elm events page for full details or the West Elm Portland Facebook page.

Are you as klutzy with the wrapping as I am?


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