a quick hello

by - 9:03 PM

My dear readers, it has been almost two months since I have written. Oh my! I have absolutely no excuses except I just haven’t felt like doing it.

Every time I log on to write my mind goes absolutely blank. And then I get worried about only having stupid stuff to write about, such as this, but then why do I worry so much?

On another note, I just got back from an amazing trip to Phoenix. It was in the high 70s each day and I did NOT want to come back. Except I did, and to 28 degrees and a car encased in ice. Welcome home!

Here’s what went down.

Gross airport dinner before flight out.
Junky magazine purchased for flight entertainment.
Wine and lunch at my favorite wine bar Postinos.
Bruschetta. Bruschetta. And wine. (p.s. how does one correctly pronounce bruschetta?)
More shopping.
Dinner party.
Ran into colleague at a store in Scottsdale. Mind. Blown.
A horrible TSA experience that resulted in me not being nice. Apparently I look like a prime terrorist.

The end. Miss me?

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