lockets of love

by - 11:10 AM

Remember lockets? Growing up, my best friend and I had “friendship” lockets that we wore religiously in middle school. Thinking back, we bought them at Claire’s and most likely spent our hard earned (ha!) allowance on them. My locket got lost along the way, or more likely it broke and got tossed. I’ve always loved the look of a locket, even though they are usually too teeny to hold a photo.

When visiting Phoenix, my aunt gave me a gold locket that my grandmother wore. It holds photos of my aunt and mom from when they were in middle school. It’s too precious for words. Not to mention it makes a fabulous fashion statement!

Here's my locket and some pretty lockets I found online. This is a look anyone can pull off!

And don't mind the toothpaste splatters on the mirror. It's how I roll.



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