from trash to treasure

by - 3:50 PM

Notice a change around here? I followed the lead of the little miss holls and turned to Designer Blogs for a quick - and cheap - makeover. Ah. I love feeling refreshed! 

Now onto the post.

Living in an apartment has its perks. Sure, sometimes my OCD upstairs neighbors can make me cringe when they vacuum for the second time in one day, but overall it’s a super convenient way to live. Especially when folks move out and they don’t take everything with them.

This is not a segue into how I go dumpster diving. Thank you very much. Not related, but I just had to look up how to spell segue. (Not segway?) Lesson learned. But heck, when you find cute things sitting next to the dumpster, it’s totally meant to be recycled and used in a new home. Right? Right.

Not long ago, I found this great black plant stand. It needs a little TLC – I may paint it white – but for now it looks nice in my living room with a plant. Yesterday, I spotted this teeny blue pot sitting next to the trash. Score! It’s perfect for a teeny herb. I love it.

Have you scored anything great next to a dumpster?

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