the little things

by - 9:00 AM

This has been a dark week, a darker one than I can recall in recent months. From Monday's senseless tragedy at the Boston Marathon to the recurring news around people leaving suspicious packages in random places, it makes you really lose faith in humanity. It also makes me feel like this world is getting worse and worse and I fear what my future kids will see and endure 25 years from now.

You can often hear me touting the phrase “it’s the little things in life” because it’s so true. In the midst of all this darkness, people really do care about one another. There's the handful that wreck havoc and we won't be able to stop it. But mostly, I think the majority really do care about one another. One day not long ago I was given a heavy dose of this reminder and it was such a beautiful thing.

A Starbucks employee gave me a free blueberry scone because they ordered too many and they decided to give me one because “you seem really nice.”
The boy brought me a bunch of flowers, just because.
Someone went out of their way to thank me for a job well done on a project at work.

So, yes, nothing monumental in size or monetary value but it put a smile on my face. A lovely reminder to find happiness in little gestures - and to always pay it forward.

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