The Misadventures of Oaks Park

by - 10:20 AM

This weekend was one for the books; it was all sorts of adventurous with the boy. Sadly, I was so immersed into the weekend that I didn’t take any photos. This makes me sad, and mad, smad really. I need to change this bad habit of mine. How can I call myself a blogger if I don’t snap 100 photos at every chance I get?

Rogue Brewery (not sure of its official name) was our first pit stop and a first for me. I had a cheeseburger and hard cider and now I am in love with this place. So good! Then we decided that Oaks Park sounded like a really great idea because neither of us had been in years and years, and I found a great coupon online, so off we went. It was normally $15.00 for a deluxe ticket – which includes unlimited rides and a roller skating session (more on that coming) – and my coupon got us all that for $10. The boy was thrilled we saved so much money. I’m proud to be frugal.

We decided to tackle The Octopus for our first ride; it’s one where you spin round’ and round’. Actually, aren’t they all like that?  There was this cute couple, about our age, in the little pod next to us. They looked like they were also in the beginnings of their relationship, all giddy and what not. Until the ride started and dude started vomiting everywhere. I mean, thank gosh he kept it contained because he was so close to me and I can’t even finish that thought. It’s burned into my brain forever. They had to stop the ride and dude was so embarrassed and gross and little kids everywhere were traumatized. I was too, though it was one of those moments where you feel so bad for someone and you wish you could take it all away.

So that’s how Oaks Park started. We rode a whole two more rides before we decided to hit the roller rink. As expected, the place hasn’t changed since 1960, which is sort of charming in an odd way. They haven’t updated the skates in just as long. And did you know that I am horribly uncoordinated with skates? The boy whizzed around while I teetered alongside the 4-year-olds, trying hard not to topple over. At one point, they came over the loud speaker asking everyone to clear the rink and I was the last one off, hobbling and praying that I’d make it off alive. It was that dramatic.

It was fun being back at Oaks Park but that place really needs an overhaul. Better rides, some updates to, err, everything. All said, I think we got our $10 worth and some funny memories to boot.

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