the weekend

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I have seen rumblings about folks partaking in the May blogging challenge, where you write every single day. I love this idea and would have given it an honest go but I am traveling to Rome (!) in less than two weeks and would have failed. See how I gave up before I even started? I’ll spill more on my plans abroad soon.

This weekend was a warm one here in Portland – thank the great heavens. I went golfing on Saturday, which was followed by a giant bacon cheeseburger. That evening the boy and I went to El Matador for dinner and margaritas. The food there is great but it was so spicy! The “it’s so hot my hair is sweating” kind of spicy. Ah well. Keep drinking.

On Sunday, we walked over to Ace Hardware near his place to look at grills. My way of shopping would be to look at a couple more places, do some price comparisons and some research online. His way of shopping is to take 5 minutes to look them over and then he’s ready to buy. No messing around. Look, like, buy, done. Of course, he wasn’t about to pay the $25 delivery charge (I can’t fully blame him, being mere blocks away) so *we* wheeled it all the way home. By we, I mean him. I mostly cringed and exclaimed “oh my gosh!” as we rattled along the bumpy sidewalks.


To end the weekend on a high note we went to Multnomah Village for some window shopping and to visit John’s market, which sells beer from all over the world. I know nothing about beer but the boy was in beer heaven. Ever been? That place is extreme!

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