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If you’ve been wondering where I went off to, I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Rome, which as the Italians would say, was perfecto.

After three planes and 17 hours of flying – ouch – I made sure the first thing we did was a walk to the neighborhood café for a cappuccino. To my delight, there are cafés on every corner, which were much needed throughout my trip!

In a nutshell, we saw all the big sights including the Colosseum and Vatican City. We even saw the Pope speak! What an experience. And if you couldn’t guess, we ate our fill of pasta, pizza and gelato. As silly as this is, I kept thinking “my gosh they have a lot of Italian food here.” Of course, there they just call it food. Quick – name that Friends episode.

Rome was by far my favorite city I have visited. I felt like I was on a movie set the entire time and the people were so friendly. Not to mention all the amazing food! Can you tell where my priorities are?? : )

We did a ton of walking while we were there – we clocked 10 miles one day and 35 miles total. I know this because I brought my Fitbit ZIP along with me, a little gadget I was given by AT&T that tracked how many miles I walked and how many calories I burned. Thanks to that, I was the hit of the group I was with. Everyone kept asking me how far we had walked & we often made a game out of guessing. It was quite a hoot and I loved how easy it was to use. I put it to the real test on this trip but will continue to use it here at home as a motivator to get moving! If you want to track your daily activity too, you can find more info on the Fitbit ZIP here. It's a great little gadget.

Onto the photos, here is a small glimpse into my adventure.  

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