how does your garden grow?

by - 8:12 PM

Living in an apartment makes growing things more difficult. I love the idea of having a little vegetable garden but doing so without a plot of dirt is challenging.

The past couple years I've used large plastic planters to house a couple tomato plants and a jalapeño plant. I love it! They didn't do terribly well last year but this year they are doing great. I guess watering them helps. I kid, I kid.

My jalapeño are still babies but I can't wait to try them in a salsa or something.

I also planted a bunch of pretty flowers and looking at them always makes me feel, well, happy. A hummingbird feeder was another addition this year and they come around quite a lot. I am pretty sure it's the same couple that come around but they are addicted to the sugar water like I am to coffee and it's so sweet seeing them. Amazing how they can sniff a feeder out, yes? I tried hard to capture them on camera but those buggers are always so darn fast and get away before I can.

Do you have a garden? What do you grow?

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