hey, it's ok!

by - 4:09 PM

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Or two...or three. One of mine is reading through Glamour each month. I literally read each page - it's packed with great information around health, fashion & relationships. I love it. One of my favorite columns is "Hey, it's OK!" - a monthly list of things we are all guilty of - and I've compiled some of my favs below.

Agree? It's OK!

  • To wear the exact same outfit this Tuesday as you did last Tuesday, right down to the earrings.
  • To come up with a whole load of laundry so your lucky underwear will be clean for tomorrow.
  • To be just the tiniest bit scared of revolving doors.
  • To have an unreasonably large purse. Worked for Mary Poppins, right?
  • To hug a complete stranger who's wearing your team's gear.
  • To paint only your first two nails when you wear peep-toe shoes.
  • To be deathly scared of needles, spiders and clowns.
  • To not be careful what you wish for. If you want it, dive right in!

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