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It's Friday again! How did this week go by so quickly? I'm mentally drained, so I need a couple days to recharge.

Weekend plans include a Father's Day extravaganza with my grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins. And maybe great grandpa if he's up for the adventure.

What are you up to?

Here's hoping for sun!
1.   The last movie I saw was   Just Go With It. It was super cheesey, and I couldn't stand the little blonde main character, but overall super cute and funny. Thumbs up!
2.  I want to  be sleeping.

3.  Surprises are   fun to plan for someone else. I don't like to be surprised - not in big group settings anyways.
4.  The best accessory is your hair. The way you style it really makes or breaks the outfit.
5.  My favorite warm drink is   a vanilla latte from Anna Bananas. That place is AMAZING.

6.  My favorite cold drink is  a diet coke with lime. Delicious.
7.  Currently loving  the reality shows Ice Road Truckers and Mall Cops. Netflix knows I like junk reality shows, so it keeps suggesting new ones. It won't stop!

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