a *few* snaps

by - 11:32 PM

I finally decided to upload the latest pics on my camera, and off my phone, so thought I would share a few. To my horror, I look pretty gross, but I'll get over it.

 This is what lounging at the beach looks like...in Oregon.

Aunt enjoying the PNW
Now THIS is some seafood. Gobble gobble.
Tillamook Cheese Factory. What a riot that place was. Couldn't get away from the cows : D

Dropping off Aunt to run a 20K. I opted to walk around NW with yummy coffee instead.

And they're off!

Winery mere miles from my parent's house. We had no idea it existed.

Gorgeous! The vineyards were pretty too. (I kid, I kid.)


Me and the padre.

At Departure downtown Portland. The view was stunning.

This is reason #99 why I love Portland.

We ended the night feeling pretty good about ourselves. Drunk ladies thought we walked right out of Vogue. A guy from middle east thought I was from Lebanon and couldn't believe I wasn't middle eastern. That was a first!

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