Portland Flea

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Portland Flea Debuts

My eyes lit up this morning when I read that the Portland Flea is making its debut this weekend! I love a good treasure hunt, and I am in the midst of decorating my new place, so this is really exciting. Honestly, I rarely ever find a treasure I can afford, but the hunt is the entertainment for me.

Netflix recommend the show "American Pickers" and I started watching over the weekend. It's about a couple of guys who scour people's yards and homes and garages for "junk" that can be sold. A highly entertaining show - I definitely recommend it for all you treasure hunters out there.

Alas, I can't find anyone willing (or has the time) to go with me. I may venture out myself, if I am motivated enough. Motivation is always my downfall on the weekends. It looks like it will be a once a month thing, though October is usually packed for me, and I don't care to walk around for hours in the winter cold.

Such is life's problems.

How about you? Are you planning on checking it out?

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