not to forget Thanksgiving

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I love decorating for the holidays. I have wreathes for each occasion, which I hang on my front door. The past two years I lived in an apartment where my front door had no protection from rain – so I went without hanging them. Now I can showcase them in all their glory!

I love Thanksgiving but sometimes I forget to really cherish the holiday and skip right to Christmas. I’m known for giving creative gifts, so I start scheming months in advance. And yea, I KNOW it’s not about the gifts.

Speaking of decorating - Michael’s has a major sale going on right now (don’t they always, though?) and I snatched up a pre-lit tree for $20 and some yummy smelling pine cones. I know. I promise that once I get married I will do the real tree thing again. For now, I have no desire to schlep around a wet tree littered with bugs.

Anyways, I’m getting distracted again. See what Christmas talk does to a girl?

I want to do a little decorating for Thanksgiving, as I always make myself wait until that holiday is over to pull out the Christmas decor. Here’s what I am loving right now:

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Pinned Image

Inspirational Thanksgiving Table Settings

Fall Fruit Centerpiece
Yellow candle surrounded by corn in a square class holder

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