thoughts on black friday

by - 2:35 PM

The store ads are pouring in already for Black Friday. I’ve participated a couple of times – and neither time was that great of an experience. It was memorable, but not for any of the right reasons. With stores now opening earlier and earlier on Friday – and now even ON Thanksgiving – it makes me a little sick. Did we forget what Christmas is about? Or Thanksgiving for that matter?

Our society is filled with greedy consumers who will go to great lengths for their deal, even resorting to violence. It’s absurd. People die getting trampled in these stores. REALLY??

Here’s a thought: refocus your priorities and save your money. I’m sure you’ll survive. You'll be less stressed this holiday season. And if the thought of missing out on Black Friday gives you a panic - see a therapist.

That’s all I have to say about THAT.

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