the party dress

by - 11:11 AM

I may have offended some people with yesterday’s post, and I apologize for raining on people’s tradition. I think I actually lost a follower over it - so sensitive! However, my opinion remains the same. I think our culture needs to refocus our priorities. But if that's something that makes your heart skip a beat, then by all means, do what you do.

Let’s move on, shall we?

Every year my office throws a nice holiday party at a new restaurant. Free drinks and booze, plus valet parking, makes for a fun evening. I’ve been to all three since I started working at said company but this year I’m undecided if I’ll go. Though it does give an excuse to buy a new party dress!

Here are some looks I’m loving for the party season:


I’ll follow up with a post on shoes and accessories tomorrow!

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