the LBD

by - 9:00 AM

It’s no secret that every girl needs at least one Little Black Dress in her wardrobe. The LBD never lets you down – depending on the cut, the color is flattering on all body types, makes you appear more tan (which is important for us Oregonians) and can be easily accessorized with a colorful lip, shoe and/or bag. The LBD is classic – it never goes out of style. Every girl needs one in her closet that she can throw on and instantly feel good about herself with minimal effort.

I have several LBDs in my closet – each of varying styles but can take me almost anywhere I need to go in a snap.

A few months ago I snagged a sparkly LBD that rocks my world. I’ve been looking for a glittery black dress for awhile now and I was thrilled when I found it at Forever21 for under $20. Score!

I’ve worn it a few time since and I always get compliments on it - it's sparkly, short and just plain hot. I feel great in it! You know you've scored when GIRLS hand over compliments. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.

Do you have a LBD in your wardrobe that makes you feel just great?

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