grocery shopping

by - 4:59 PM

Call me crazy, but one of my favorite errands is grocery shopping. I love pulling together a meal plan for the week, writing my list, scouring the weeklies and clipping coupons. I love cooking and seeing how far I can stretch my food budget.

Every so often, Madison over at Espresso and Cream does a round-up of her grocery purchases. I love sneaking a peek at what other people purchase, so thought I’d follow suit. Some weeks I buy more than others – depends on what I am making or if I have dining plans elsewhere.

Do you meal plan?

One trip to Trader Joe’s bought me stuff for homemade spinach/ricotta ravioli (minus the wonton wrappers, which I got from Uwajimaya) + fruit for smoothies + veggies/hummus/flatbread for a healthy lunch lineup. A trip to the grocery store got me the odds and ends I can’t get, or don’t like to get, at TJ’s.

My grand total was $44.

Trust me, it would have been more, but I planned for a few meals out this week. So, saved on the grocery front, ate into (pun not intended) into the entertainment front. Plus, this is all just to supplement what I've already got in my fridge and cupboards.

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