berry picking

by - 9:48 PM

One thing on my summer bucket list was to go berry picking. Conveniently, my stepmom invited me to join her last weekend at a berry patch near my parent's house. We headed out in the morning to beat the heat - turns out standing in a field in direct sunlight can get hot awfully fast.

There were blueberries and marion berries and I picked way too many for just me. But the process is so therapeutic (really!) and it's hard to stop. I froze most of my haul; in other words, I see a lot of berry smoothies in my future. The other upside? It's so much less expensive than buying at the store - it was $1.50/lb. And the very best upside? I supported a neighborhood family that has had the farm in their family for many generations. You just can't beat that.

Have you picked berries before? What do you make with your haul?

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