i bought what?

by - 10:28 AM

You guys. You know those sometimes awesome coupon deals from the likes of Groupon and Living Social? The coupons for stuff and experiences you never would have purchased otherwise? Yes, THOSE.

Well. I try not to get sucked into these but every so often a deal comes my way that I just can't pass up. For instance, a swinging deal on wine. Sounds good, right? Turns out in OR you have to be home when they deliver so they can check your ID and have you sign. Seems smart but I'm not home when they would deliver - so I would have to sit at home waiting for it. Not going to happen. After explaining the dilemma to the kind folks at Groupon, they let me exchange it for a voucher.

And somewhere along the line, in the past couple months, I decided it was a great idea to use my voucher on a deal for gourmet popcorn. You read that right. POPCORN.

Not only is buying gourmet popcorn a ridiculous waste of money but I didn't first check to see how much PoPtions! charges. Holy s@&# balls. Whoops. My Groupon didn't quite cover it and they charge an arm AND a leg for shipping. How much can popcorn weigh??

The other day my popcorn came in the mail. And I mean, it's fricken' popcorn guys. It's not anything spectacular. I'm going to chalk this up as a lesson learned and funny story.

Have you had any coupon purchase regrets? Do tell! In the meantime, I'll be eating my weight in cheese popcorn trying not to keel over.

And to think, at one point, I had to have this Groupon. Likely made after one too many drinks?

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