fill in the blank friday

by - 9:19 AM

Happy Friday! This weekend I am headed to my first Timber's game - any adivce? I hear they can get rowdy but I am super excited to experience it. Side note: I played one season of soccer growing up and was actually pretty good at it. I was so much smaller than the other girls that I could weave in and out without them noticing. Needless to say, I wasn't much for playing in the rain and muck so decided to stick with dancing.

Otherwise this weekend, I may hit up Portland City Grill with the girls again, as it has been at least a month since we've been. What can I say? It's our home base.

On another note, I am happy that Lauren is back at it with the usual Friday blanks. Here we go!

Have a lovely weekend, all. TGIF.

1.  I am independent, loving and respectful with a little bit of feistiness thrown in.

2.  I have always  believed that I could accomplish whatever I wanted to in life. It's probably why I am so apt to change and don't fear rejection. I thank my supportive family for giving me the confidence to reach for the stars. I mean, why not? Who cares if you fall?

3. I hope to see more of the world and learn to serve others a bit more than I currently do.

4. I can get unbearable if I don't eat. I've said it before - don't expect to see my nice side if I am hungry.

5. I dream of  traveling the world with a significant other...someday. Regardless, I love traveling with friends and family too!

6. The way to my heart is  through words and kind, simple gestures. Materialistic items don’t matter to me as much.

7.  I am passionate about  experiencing life. I like to try, see and learn new things. I am always looking to expand my horizon and I won't say "no" to much.

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