if you really knew me...

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I saw Liz do this and so thought I'd join in the fun. Play along!

{NYC subway}

If you really knew me....

 ...you'd know that I am down for an adventure/shenanigans at the drop of a hat.
...in fact, you'd know that, on a dare, I once pretended to be a bachelorette during a girl's night out. {trust me, it was hysterical. And praise God I only ran into one person I knew. I'm sure I got bad karma for that. In fact, always collect extra karma points for life moments like these.}
...you'd know not to talk to me if I am hungry. You'll really see my mean side. {ask my poor parents}
...you'd know that I have always wanted to live in NYC and still want to - someday. {maybe in my fantasy}
...you'd know that I am extremely self-conscious of my body. 
...you'd know that my friends always come to me with their problems - because they know I'll listen and be brutally honest with my advice. {though that's not to say they heed my advice!}
...you'd know that, though I am extremely far from perfect, I am a proud, God-loving, Christian.
...you'd know that I am not patient. Or collected. {i really hope my future husband possesses both of these traits}
...you'd know that I have had two major surgeries in my lifetime. And am stronger AND healthier because of it.
...you'd know that I worry I'll be alone forever.
...you'd know that, though am currently career-driven, I am more excited to be a wife and mother at some point in the future. {and really don't care how "old-fashioned" that seems}
...you'd know that I love sports cars. It's on my bucket list to drive a Maserati. 
...you'd know that I've randomly met a lot of random celebs. {M.C. Hammer; Ty Pennington; Kirsten Dunst; Jimmy Fallon; The Pussycat Dolls; cast of American Idol 2009}
...you'd know that I really want to meet Bethenny Frankel.
...you'd know that I am sometimes often oblivious.
...you'd know that I always get nervous at networking events.
...you'd know that I am not a movie-watcher. Never pick me to be on your team during movie trivia night. {to me, movies are really only fun when you have someone to spoon with}

Your turn! What would you want people to know about YOU?

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