i survived st. paddy's

by - 4:41 PM

I am happy to report back that my first experience with St. Patrick’s Day in downtown Portland didn’t let me down. Thankfully, we delayed starting until early evening as I had zero desire to be out at the bars all day.
We started off at Jake’s Famous Crawfish, fully expecting more of a hoopla than there was.  Actually, there was no hoopla at all. We were out on Saturday, and their shenanigans didn’t start until Sunday, on the actual St. Patrick’s Day. Go figure?
We moved onto Paddy’s, an Irish bar that was all splashed out with a big tent and big screens – for watching the Timbers Game. We had Irish coffees and watched the Timbers score a goal – it was a very exciting moment for people. With soccer, you could be waiting all game for no scoring at all, so I suppose you better cause a ruckus when it happens. You might not get another chance. On a side note, they served corned beef sliders which were ah-may-zing.
Lastly, we landed at Kell’s, another Irish pub that was actually playing music. I had my third Irish coffee (they were spaced out over many hours, no judging please) and enjoyed the packed atmosphere.
Before heading home, we made a pit stop at Oyster Bar for, funny enough, oysters and soup. It was great but unsure it was a good choice for a late night snack.
Did you partake in downtown festivities?

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