brunching in portland

by - 10:31 AM

This post has much to do about nothing, except for my recent realization that brunching has become far too popular here in Portland and I really don’t understand why.

Don’t people stay home anymore?

I love to brunch and have made a habit out of going on Sundays so, yes, I realize I am part of the problem. But dangit, there are places I want to try and you other brunchers are making it more difficult for me.

Like Screen Door. I really REALLY want to try Screen Door for brunch. When I called last Sunday at 9:30, the wait was already close to an hour and a half. And they don’t do a wait list on weekends. The guy on the phone sounded like he hated his life. Working Sunday brunches was clearly not his dream career. Dude, I feel you.

There are many other places that require long waits too. I think these places are hyped because of the hype. It’s a vicious circle, really. I refuse to wait more than 45 minutes for food. I don't trust how I act when I get hungry.

I did go to Irving Street Kitchen recently which didn’t require a wait. In fact, I was surprised at how quiet it was.  Hopefully I didn’t spill a secret. Shhh.

I had the waffle and fried chicken and it was divine. Long wait not required!

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