the weekend

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This weekend was a glorious one in Portland and I took full advantage of the blue skies, sun and the ability to be outside with just a cardigan. As did everyone else it seems! See, Portlanders know that when the sun shows up, you best toss aside your best laid plans and run outside before it disappears. Come the next day, we were back to gloomy rain.

While I’m thinking about it, was anyone else aggravated by the hour we lost this weekend? My weekends are already too short and I was not happy on Sunday. Every time I looked at my clock I kept muttering “it shouldn’t be this time already.” Honestly, I’m still bitter.

On Saturday, I headed to Saturday Market downtown, along with everyone else in the vicinity of Portland. I haven’t been to Saturday Market in years and was shocked at how expansive it now is! There was a lot of the expected – hippy clothing, candles, blown glass, various photography and other art. Oh, and the food carts. Of course the only thing I bought was food. I had myself some nice “healthy” orange chicken that was really sweet and sour chicken in disguise. Those food cart people are tricksters.

Which brings me to my next aggravation. How can vendors be cash-only this day and age? I understand that credit card companies charge a fee, and small vendors might not be able to afford that, but when you’re serving hundreds of people every weekend it just seems illogical. So, the hunt for an ATM ensued and I cried a little inside having to pay an ATM fee. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

Crawling down from my high horse.

After that, the boy and I (did I mention I was dating someone now? Go me.) watched Paranormal 3 and 4 before grabbing dinner at 23Hoyt. That place was really good. I had the hamburger and a margarita. Beef and tequila, two of my favorite things. HOWEVER, an ex from college made an appearance. It’s a small world. Ever have one of those I-wish-my-life-was-a-movie moments so you could throw a drink in a guy’s face and it would be totally acceptable? The moment just made me realize again how blessed I am with the person sitting next to me. For reals.

On Sunday, we brunched at Café Nell and had the eggs benedict. I just have one thing to say – I felt like I was in an episode of Portlandia because the waiters were, well, very Portland. Actually, my whole weekend felt like an episode of Portlandia. And don’t ya know it but I was a loser and really didn’t take any photos. I was so immersed in my weekend that I didn't even think about taking out the camera/phone. I just have this one of my margarita, isn't that exciting? Oh and if you're wondering, because this was a deep debate at our table, it's adorned with a cherry - not a black olive. What were you thinking?

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