Hala's Lebanese Grill

by - 5:10 PM

In vein of my last post around eating out a lot, last night the boy and I checked out Lebanese restaurant Hala’s Lebanese Grill situated on NW 23rd. You would never know the place was there, as it’s hidden beneath street level. Not surprisingly, we were the only ones in the place, which means we got attentive and quick service.

I’ll start by telling you I have never had Lebanese food so have nothing to compare it to – except for the hummus and pita of course. It was delicious! We started with the hummus, lentil soup and Fattoush salad, which had fried pita on it and was tossed in a lovely dressing. For our entrée, we each had the Shawerma, him chicken and me beef. It was marinated with vinegar, onion, garlic and special Lebanese spices and it was so good.   

I think next time I’d be happy with just the selection of appetizers!

I definitely recommend this place though note they have odd hours and are closed on Sundays. We were wondering how this place made any money, given its odd hours and hidden location but we concluded it might just be a hobby restaurant.

Have you had Lebanese food before?

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