CAbi Clothing

by - 1:38 PM

I visited the Woodburn Company Stores on one of my day's off last week and I hit the jackpot. Not only is Monday a great day to visit, as no one else was shopping, but they've got some great stores. I hadn't been there in years, so sorry if I was out of the loop. It happens on occassion.

My favorite store? The CAbi outlet. If you haven't heard of it, CAbi is a personal shopping experience of sorts, where representatives host CAbi clothing parties in your home. The clothing is probably for women a little older than myself, but I scored some great jeans and workout pants. The jeans were exactly what I've been looking for. Funny how you find what you want when you aren't looking specifically for it! The workout capris are also EXACTLY what I wanted. Kid. You. Not.

Check it out if you haven't before. You won't regret it!

P.S. These are NOT the jeans I purchased. Just a sample from the website.

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