the world is watching

by - 10:11 AM

There's supposed to be a wedding tomorrow - have you heard of it? Ha. I didn't make the 1,900 person guest list but I'll be tuning in to watch it live.The ceremony starts at 11 a.m., which is 3 a.m. in my neck of the woods. Am I crazy? Probably. But I wouldn't miss watching this for anything. It's history people! This only happens every few decades. Well, until Harry gets married. And he's technically still single right? Hm. My mind is churning...

Just a day before the big day, a new portrait of the couple has been released. How adorable are they?

Prince William, Kate Middleton

Also, my official royal name is Princess Jessica Lulu Polleyberton of Portlandbury. Nice, right? I think I'll keep it. Get yours:

Best wishes to the lovely couple. And to Kate: Cherish every second of this amazing day. The world is watching.

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