weekend recap

by - 11:27 AM

Happy Monday! I'm actually quite grumpy today, if I'm being honest. I had an emotional weekend, for various reasons, and I'm not ready be back at the office. I'm not even gonna pretend.

I was able to spend the day at Cannon Beach on Friday with some of my colleagues. I am fortunate to work at a place that cares about giving back and gives us all volunteer hours to use each year at the establishment(s) of our choosing. I try to volunteer at least twice a year. This round we chose SOLV Oregon, an effort I've always wanted to help. Walking along the beach picking up trash is my kind of gig!

Mostly we found pieces of plastic that washed up, but we also picked up a lot of rope, a comb, and an abandoned kite. Overall the beach was pretty clean, which was great to see. We also ran into an old house that had slipped down and was nearly in pieces. After climbing inside, you could tell people were camping out there. Lots of food wrappings, silverware and other oddities. It was hella creepy. I refused to touch anything.

On Sunday, I celebrated Mother's Day with my stepmon and grandma. We put together our own tea, with scones and little sandwiches. It was a really nice day, though a tad sad for me, as I lost my mom 12 years ago. Blessed to have a new family though!

How was your weekend?

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