may flowers

by - 11:26 AM

It's finally May. Is it me, or was April really, really long? May is actually not a great month for me, historically. It's when all my big break-ups have happened. It's also when I accidently got involved in a cult. Seriously. (another story for another time) So, I'm holding my hat that nothing too dramatic will happen in the coming weeks. PLEASE GOD.

Anyways,  how was your weekend? I welcomed the sun on Sunday and planted flowers in my pretty pots. Unfortunately, both neighbors have huge dogs that decided to bark at me the entire time. Like two feet from my head. I joked "this is so peaceful!" to every passerby. They laughed. The joke didn't get old. I wanted to chuck my gardening shovel at both dogs. I didn't, don't worry.

Have you planted flowers this season?

May Flowers!

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