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My friend and colleague Rachel and I are on a mission to experience some of the best eateries in Portland. Specifically for brunch. I tend to fall into a rut and hit up the same places, which always makes me feel guilty. We have a plethora of unique eateries, so I'm setting out to experience what the hype is all about and plan to blog about my adventure.

Our first stop was Besaw's, which is located on NW 23rd, close to the I-405 exit.


Fortunately, it was a fairly warm morning so we snagged a great spot outside, along the street. I sipped (OK, chugged) Stumptown Coffee and enjoyed the people watching. Portland has just as many unique residents, as it does eateries.

For my main course, I chose House Made Biscuits and Gravy. I like to choose items that I couldn't (or wouldn't) make at home. It was rich, and couldn't eat it all, but it was pretty amazing. I would definitely order again.

My verdict? 4 out of 5 stars

What brunch spots are your favs?


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