DIY Flower Headband

by - 3:23 PM

This idea has been circulating around the Internet for ages now, so by no means am I sparking a new trend. I won't even pretend. But I did want to share how easy (and cheap!) it is to make your own head gear. Ahem, pretty head gear. Not the kind you might have sported in middle school.

I wore my creation to a bridal shower this past weekend.

1. One bunch of fake flowers ($1)
2. Headband ($1)
3. Super Glue (careful when using!)

Pick out a lovely bunch of fake flowers from the Dollar Tree (or other similar store in your neck of the woods) along with a plain headband.

Chop off one flower and take it apart. Seriously. So it's a nice pile of petals.

Begin with the largest petals and hot glue the next biggest on top, and so forth. Add back in the center, or use a pretty rhinestone.

Once dry, hot glue the flower straight on to the head band. You could also glue this on to a barrette.

See? Easy peasy!

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