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If you remember from this post, I am on a mission to experience some of the best eateriers that Portland offers. It's a rough task, let me tell you.

A couple weekends ago my partner in crime and I headed out to Tasty n Sons, which was named "Restaurant of the Year 2010" by Willamette Week. That said, we knew going in that the wait would  be long. Like, an hour long. Luckily, you can pour yourself a cup of joe and people watch while you wait. It happened to be pouring cats and dogs this day, so we huddled with the masses along the entry stairs, eagerly awaiting our turn. And creepily stared at what everyone was ordering.

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We opted to stick with water and coffee but they have an impressive selection of bloody mary's to choose from - we noticed most patrons sipping on one. If they weren't as much as our entrées, I would have dived in and ordered one. But I couldn't bring myself to spend $9 on a beverage at 11:00 am. But I'm sure they were delish!

The food was a bit fancier than your normal brunch spread. I chose the fried chicken and egg biscuit sandwich. It was to die for. Seriously amazing. In fact, I could go for one right now. I've never had fried chicken for brunch - and I definitely plan on doing it again!

A chocolate donut also found it's way to my table. Not sure how that happened...

Here's the veggie frittata my friend ordered. Definitely different than your standard.

My verdict? 5 out of 5 stars. Go NOW.

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