chicken soup for the soul

by - 9:07 PM

This isn't about the book series. Remember those books? Ah, man. Those always made me sob. 

When I was 17 I had surgery. And all they fed me in the hospital was broth. Beef broth. Chicken broth. Gawd. Ever since, the smell of broth has made me sick. Until recently. Now I crave chicken noodle soup. I've been devouring the Campbell's kind, because it's so salty. Then I upgraded to Progresso. A couple weeks ago I made my own.

From scratch, people. This post just got serious.

The crockpot is an amazing thing. Slice and dice and throw it all together and 8 hours later you have a meal. It's brilliant. I got this recipe from the quintessential "Fix it and forget it" cookbook. I had the HARDEST time measuring the noodles. Measuring weight vs volume is a very different thing. I bought three BAGS of egg noodles when all I needed was four cups DRY. Or something. It was enough in the end.

Moving on.

I also left out celery because I don't like it. Ingredients: Broth, chicken bouillon cubes, egg noodles, carrots and cooked chicken. Easy! I dished it up with a side of hot garlic bread.

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